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Head Injury / Closed Head Injury

A head injury in general is an injury to the head including, the scalp, skull, and brain.  Naturally, these injuries can result in severe and traumatic brain injury.  Head injury cases generally fall into two categories, either a closed-head injury or an open-head injury.  Closed-head injury cases in Michigan are generally the result of an individual receiving some type of a blow or shaking action to his or her head; however, the conduct does not cause the individual’s skull to break.  An open-head injury generally means that the skull was fractured or broken in some form.  Many head injuries occur in Michigan each year.  Some are minor and some are quite severe.  The minor ones are generally the ones with the least amount of impact.  The human skull provides the brain with substantial protection.  Minor head injuries occasionally will resolve on their own; however, many minor injuries will be serious enough to result in medical attention and/or hospitalization.

A serious head injury can result in many different symptoms being exhibited by the injured person and can result in death.  Naturally, with any type of a head injury, the injured individual should immediately seek medical attention and then the advice of an attorney who is experienced in this area.

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