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Police Misconduct

Police misconduct can and has resulted in serious infractions of our civil rights.  Although many of us expect police officers to follow and know the law at all times, there are unfortunately situations in which they do not.  Police officers are held to a standard in which they have the same rules that they must follow, in most situations, as a regular citizen.  A police officer does not have a right to violate an individual’s civil rights in order to question that individual, in order to stop that individual, or in order to arrest that individual.  Police brutality or police misconduct can indeed cause serious injuries to individuals.  Police do not have a right to violate a person’s Fourth Amendment right during an illegal search and seizure.  A police officer has no right to make false statements in a police report or to give false testimony, committing perjury, during depositions or at trial. 

Although there are situations in which police can use force, they cannot utilize brutality or excessive force.  It is also illegal for police officers to utilize racial profiling when making a stop, arrest, or even questioning a person.  It is unfortunate, but in some cases of police misconduct, police officers will actually attempt to cover up their injustices by charging individuals with criminal acts which have not been committed.

The justice system in the Unites States is for everyone.  Police officers are not above the American justice system and cannot violate any individual’s rights.  If you have been a victim of police misconduct and would like to discuss the issues with James O. Elliott, do not hesitate to call him.

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