James O. Elliott Cases of Interest

Listed are a few of the varying types of cases that have been handled recently by the Law Offices of James O. Elliott.

  • A glass bottle on a shelf spontaneously explodes, causing a severe facial laceration and scarring to a young man's arm. The young man received $330,000.00 as compensation for his damages, even though the insurance company initially made no monetary offer.
  • A mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Her teenage daughter was in the car at the time of impact and survived, but she was emotionally traumatized by the crash and the subsequent loss of her mother. The teenage daughter and the deceased woman's family received $1.586 Million as compensation for their loss.
  • A group home resident fell from a second-story window causing extensive injuries to his hip and head lacerations. The group home paid $312,000.00 to the resident and his guardian as compensation for his injuries due to their negligence.
  • A young lady was washing her hands in a restaurant bathroom when the sink unexpectedly fell from the wall, lacerating her fingers and her knee. She sustained permanent partial loss of function in her fingers and was left with scarring and stiffness in both her fingers and her knee. The jurors returned a verdict for the young lady in the amount of $230,000.00. The offer from the restaurant previously was $45,000.00.
  • A young boy attending his first baseball game at Comerica Park was struck in the head by a line drive that flew into the stands and split open his skull.
  • A woman was struck in the eye by a ball that flew into the stands at a Detroit Tigers baseball game as she sat eating popcorn. She is permanently blind as a result.
  • A college-age young lady was stopped at a stop sign when she was rear-ended by another vehicle, causing her back damage. The other vehicle's insurance company only offered $15,000.00; however, the jurors returned a verdict of $500,000.00.
  • A public school janitor composed and sent multiple defamatory letters about one of the school system's administrators to various public figures and other employees of the school system. The letters were malicious and untrue. The school administrator was awarded $1.4 Million as compensation for damage to her reputation, embarrassment, and emotional trauma the incident caused.
  • A young man went to a nightclub to socialize with friends when a fight broke out among others in the crowd. Although the young man was not involved in the fight, he was dragged outside onto the street by several nightclub employees and was severely beaten. As a result of the beating, the young man sustained scarring to his head and face. He was awarded $220,000.00 for his damages.
  • A wheelchair-bound client with cerebral palsy was severely injured when her electric wheelchair lurched off the back of the handicap-enabled van, smashing her face and wrist into the ground. The Defendants settled the case after the first trial ended in a mistrial.
  • Girl wins $1 Million from the Detroit Tigers.
  • A woman cracks a tooth while eating at Burger King. She was offered a free meal. Instead, Attorney James O. Elliott took the case to trial and received a verdict of close to $100,000.00.
  • A young girl was burned while she was playing under a neighbor's kitchen table, and a pot of coffee fell on her when she became entangled in the coffee pot's cord. She received well over $100,000.00.
  • A ninth-grade boy was beaten by his football coach because the coach did not like how the team was celebrating a victory.
  • An 18-year-old female was sexually assaulted by her physician after she went to him for a complaint of back pain.
  • A 25-year-old woman with the IQ of a 2-year-old was raped while in a foster care home. She gave birth to a son, and the home was planning to have the child adopted without ever informing the woman's family members.
  • A young girl had her eye cut in half as she was looking out a window while visiting a relative. The girl's mother tried for 2½ years to locate an attorney to take the case, but no one would because they did not feel they could establish liability on the part of the person who owned the home. Attorney James O. Elliott was successful and received a large settlement on behalf of his client.
  • A four-year-old boy is severely bitten on the face by his aunt's dog. Her homeowner's insurance policy paid for the injury.
  • A woman falls off a step at a local restaurant after consuming wine and a meal. The case settled for over $100,000.00.
  • The Detroit Red Wings pay for injury to a fan struck in the face by a hockey puck.
  • A client received a settlement in excess of $1.5 Million for an injury to her eye when a display fell upon her in a home improvement store.
  • A high school student receives over $1 Million for an injury to his hand caused by an electric saw in shop class.
  • A client with cerebral palsy receives $75,000.00 when her defective wheelchair causes her injury.
  • A young boy receives $330,000.00 from an automobile driver's insurance company when he is hit while riding his bike. The police officer performed a faulty investigation and determined that the young 14-year-old was at fault. James O. Elliott proved otherwise.
  • A young lady received the full policy limit of insurance coverage when she was hit by a snowmobile after she fell from hers.
  • Mr. Elliott represented 11 ex-patients of a dentist who sexually molested them on separate occasions after they were sedated for dental treatment.
  • A young individual attending a winter camp is given a ride on a snowmobile by a camp employee. The employee drives in a dangerous and reckless manner, causing the child's body to rise out of the seat of the snowmobile and then come crashing back down so severely that the spine was broken. The young person received over $1 Million as compensation for pain, suffering, and permanent disfigurement.

Mr. Elliott has years of experience handling cases such as these and has received settlements on behalf of his clients from hundreds of large, well-known companies. Contact Attorney James O. Elliott for a free legal consultation. He looks forward to speaking with you.

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